Are you waiting for motivation?

Are you waiting for motivation?

Are you waiting for motivation?

I have bad news for you.  Motivation is not coming.

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Waited too long for the motivation fairy

In general people think motivation works like this:

Step 1: feel motivated to eat better and workout, then

Step 2: I will act on my feelings

Step 3: I will feel motivated continuously towards the body I want

This is normal the normal, tried and true recipe for failure.

You can read 100 positive thinking books and your feelings will still ebb and flow: there will be days that you just don’t feel like doing anything, days you can’t wait to workout and eat right, and days somewhere in the middle.  This will never change.

If you wait for the stars to align and for your feelings to propel you into action then you will forever take one-step forward, two-steps back, two-forward, one-step back.  This is also known as no progress at all.  Playing the “I’m waiting for motivation game,” is like playing the lottery because you are relying on chance.  You will almost certainly lose, but the stakes are more serious because here you lose time (life) not just $5.  Don’t play.


How to really get motivated

Make sure you play along.  Right now pick up your right foot, put it down, and then do the same with your left foot.

Don’t read any further if you didn’t move your feet.  1 inch is plenty.


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If you don’t move your feet, my wife might paint your toes with glitter


You just proved that you don’t need motivation to take action.  You weren’t feeling motivated to march in your seat, but you did it anyway.  Congratulations you have everything you need to get motivated at any time you choose.

The real key to consistent motivation is not waiting for the emotion gods smile on you.  The real key is to ignore your feelings, and move your feet. Whatever it is that you need to do, get up off your butt, move your feet and go do it regardless of how you feel.  You don’t need to consult your inner dialogues, or your therapist.  In fact, its best if you do not think at all.  Just go do.

How motivation really works:

Step 1: Do something positive repeatedly.

Step 2: Feel good about yourself for doing something.

Step 3: If you’re lucky you’ll now have some momentum (a.k.a. motivation) to do more.  If not, get over it, and go back to step 1.

Step 4: Something will cause you to lose your momentum/motivation. (This is reality, not wishful thinking that “this time will be      different.  This time I’ll never lose this momentum.”

Step 5: return to step 1 as fast as you can.


This is how (mentally) you get and keep the body you want, or the anything you want.

Feelings are fickle, and will only prompt you to the right action sometimes.  Mechanics – doing stuff – is always available, and never fickle because it is unemotional; but the mechanics are how you reliably get the emotions.


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