Fit Tip: Beware of Gluten-Free Products!!

Fit Tip: Beware of Gluten-Free Products!!

That’s right! Beware of gluten-free products. Cutting gluten out and substituting it with the gluten free option may keep you from your goal especially if it involves lowering your blood sugar. 

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   “People who give up wheat often are tempted to satisfy their cravings by buying gluten-free bread or pasta. Don’t do it. The manufacturers use substitutes such as brown rice, rice bran, rice starch, corn starch tapioca starch, which also increase glucose and cause insulin surges. Even oatmeal can cause blood sugar to skyrocket”
   - excerpt by William Davis, MD from “Put Down that Slice of Bread!”

So next time you reach for the gluten-free option check the ingredients label!

This July, Josef and Natillie are cutting gluten from their diets. What are you going to do this month to get you closer to your summer health and/or fitness goal?

Josef and Natillie are the co-owners of The Body You Want Fitness Solutions helping people get the bodies they want  in the time they actually have to look and feel great for summer. To find out how you can get started click here: Georgetown fitness expert.


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