Halloween Candy Binge Re-hab (Josef on TV)

The best part (the part with me!) is at 35:15.  (great post on smug-ness.)

The practical take home points are:

1.  That sugar is the worst thing in your diet, so it is the most important thing to limit/clean up… and is surprisingly addictive.  Enjoy Halloween on Halloween, and be done on November 1. (Same as what to do for Thanksgiving.)

2.  If its in your house, it’ll end up in your mouth.  Strategy always trumps will power – make it easy on yourself and take the junk out of your house.  When you come home stressed and tired from an intense day, if you know you have a big bowl of tasty candy you will go straight for it.

Will power is a finite resource.  Spend it wisely, don’t waste it on fighting temptation that doesn’t need to exist.

3.  Lastly, I talked about the superiority of interval training.


Josef Brandenburg is an award winning fitness expert and the founder of The Body You Want Fitness Solutions.  Find out how to get started with no obligation.



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