How To Get The Body You Deserve

How To Get The Body You Deserve

There is a very good reason that I did not name my business “the body you deserve” – I would have nothing to sell.  Everyone already has EXACTLY the body they deserve.  You’ve already earned that.  If what you have isn’t what you want, then there is only one thing that needs to change – you.

You look and feel exactly the way you deserve to feel based on the choices you have made up until this point.  This is one of those things that nobody really likes to hear, but inside everyone knows is true.

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I do everything right, but I've still get this butt on my stomach. What gives?

It’s like when a client comes in a says, “I’m doing everything right, but the scale  won’t budge!!  I’m so frustrated!  Ah!”

Then with a little digging we find out the following:

*All resistance workouts were skipped last week
*One was skipped the week before that
*Sessions with me have been skipped for two weeks
*The workouts that were done were rushed through – the warm-up was essentially skipped because they “didn’t feel like it”, nothing was progressed and they complained that the workout was “too easy”
*The only “exercise” has been long distance running
*A bag of candy has been a daily snack because “it’s my one treat”
*There’s more, but I’ll stop here

Now, let’s redo the complaint in light of REALITY:

“Josef, for the past two weeks I have missed more than half of the workouts that you specifically designed for me to get the body I want.

“I’ve replaced your effective and proven workouts with aerobic exercise which, at best do absolutely nothing, and at probably make me better at storing fat.  The two workouts that I have done in the past two weeks have been lackluster and easy – I know that this is in direct opposition to the specific, written instructions that you have given me.

“I usually skip the warm-up, or almost skip it.  Therefore my body is not actually prepared to work hard, so my performance and results suffer.  Oh, and my knees have been bothering because I skip the warm-up and do lots and lots of long distance running.

You said eat a high protein diet right?

“I’ve been eating a bag of high fructose corn syrup mixed with food coloring almost every single day.  This is the single most fattening thing that I could be eating and I eat it by the bag.

“Based on what I’ve told you it seems like I am completely OFF your plan and wining it with some made-up, BS nonsense that I made up on the spur of the moment.  For some reason my complete deviation from your plan is not working.  Josef, what’s going on here?  Why isn’t the scale budging?.”

All of the hoping, wishing and getting pissed off will not ever change reality.  Reality is where results come from.  Reality is your ACTUAL behavior.  If you do not have the body you want, it’s because you have not earned it with your actions.

Stop kidding yourself about how unfair the world is.  The problem always has been and always will be just one thing – YOU and YOUR behavior.  The solution will always be just one thing – YOU and YOUR behavior.  Go to work on the problem.  Stop complaining about the way the world works.

You can change yourself, but you cannot change the fact that eating a bag of colorful high-fructose corn syrup will make you fat.  YOU are the source of all results in your body and life.  You have no control over the world and the way it works.  BUT, you have complete control of YOU and your behavior.  So, this is actually good news.

The ONE thing that you have been given control over – your behavior – is the ONLY thing that you need to change to get what you want.  Make the body you deserve the one you actually want.

Mental and emotional fitness will always proceed physical fitness.

Josef Brandenburg is 2010, Washington, DC based Personal Trainer of the Year Nominee for both Personal Fitness Professional Magazine and The Washington, DC Fitness Association, and author of “The Body You Want”.  He shows normal people with hectic lives and average genetics how to create the bodies they want in the time they actually have. To find out more about the 7-Day Free Trial click here. You can also pick up a copy of his brand new CD – “Why Eat Less and Exercise More is The Worst Advice Ever” here.

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