Office Exercise – Video – What Kind of Exercise Can You Do At Your Desk

Did you know there was a such a thing a Sedentary Death Syndrome?

I was recently on News Talk with Bruce DePuyt again doing a segment on Office Exercise.  For the record this is not one of the “magical, effortless workout programs that you can do at your desk to get skinny with no sweat at all.”  I don’t believe that is true.  It makes for a good infomercial I guess, but I think it’s BS.


You can’t get fit sitting at your desk, but you can undo the negative changes that take place while sitting all day; and stopping a negative is more important than adding a positive.  That is if you are in a car with the emergency break on, releasing the breaks will get you farther than stepping really hard on the gas will.






Josef Brandenburg is the founder of The Body You Want Fitness solutions a DC personal training studio that focuses on helping normal, busy people with average genetics get and keep the bodies they want in the time they actually have.  Find out more how to get DC weight loss results while you also have a good time.

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